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December 27 2014



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November 28 2014


November 22 2014


November 16 2014

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November 08 2014

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March 27 2013

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Web Designers

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March 17 2013

 Jestem dzięciołem! Ale ziemnym...

March 11 2013

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Actually if you don't mind it's just the Doctor!
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March 10 2013

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New record. Over three hundred!
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March 08 2013


Two fuses

Imagine that you have two lengths of fuse like that and each takes exactly 1 hour to burn. But the fuses don't burn evenly and they're both likely to be different. So let's say a fuse is 1 foot long and it takes 40 minutes for the first inch to burn and then only 20 minutes for next 11 inches to burn. Or it could be 12 minutes for the first 4 inches and 48 minutes for the last 8 inches to burn. All you know is that the fuses are not identical and that they each take 1 hour to burn completely.

Now using only these two fuses and a cigarette lighter, how do you measure 15 minutes?
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March 07 2013


Kingdom Rush

One of the top games in joemonster. Ease setting - quick to grasp the basic rules with new options provided as you progress. Nice and consistent graphics. Set of achievements which give additional bit of humor to the play and can provide entertainment even after you finished main task.Payed content is not jumping at your throat and doesn't lower play experience even if you don't plan to buy it. There is more to praise but better to just see for yourself. This game can make you a fan of casual tower defence ;)
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The beginning is horrible. But I love the contrast of all the drawings compared to the title hero who is plain simple. It got me not only laugh but also thinking "why do that this way?" On fist look stupid and ridiculous setting can later be seen as intentional, on the one hand parodying classic way of creating hero (and story) in shounen, on the other still allowing to identify with the "just an average guy who serves as an average hero". Story compounds great with this images. And the art is remarkable, you wouldn't find such high level in many mangas. This style is a bit different from other works of the author but it really suits him.
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Web version of great card game.
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Ha! Didn't know js could do that. That's some quick and easy server creation.
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Ostatni Dzwonek

Świetny film! Obejrzałem głównie z powodu genialnego wykonania "A my nie chcemy uciekać stąd" Przemysława Gintrowskiego i twierdzę, że było warto. Film obrazuje młode pokolenie na przełomie roku '89, problemy i realia jakie wtedy panowały oraz próby jakie podejmowali młodzi ludzie aby to zmienić.
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